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Gosling, Guns, and Gangsters

With the upcoming (Jan. 11) release of the all-star-cast film Gangster Squad, I spoke with author Paul Lieberman about the movie and his true-life book that inspired it. Paul had shared the stories and his research a couple of years ago when they first appeared in The Los Angeles Times, where he then was its New York-based culture writer. Paul also wrote the introduction to my book, Reflections. Continue reading

Los Angeles Times

Painter Seeing a Bigger Picture

PORT CLYDE, Maine — It should have been a summer of normalcy and rest, if not self-congratulations, for Barbara Ernst Prey. She made her usual trek from her main home on Long Island to the peninsula here where over the last three decades she has developed her skills as a watercolorist specializing in bright, uncluttered paintings of the sort of elemental objects — fishing boats, wildflowers, robust Maine houses — that have long attracted artists to these parts. Continue reading